Earth Walk Sunday March 7 2010

We were guided by the Spiritual Director to go out into the environment to seek our spirit friend in silence.  All of us headed out in different directions.  I decided to go to the waterlily pond where I noticed frogs on the lily pads.  These are green frogs with white and black stripes, with red eyes.  They are just so beautiful.  In trying to capture them with my camera, I crept towards the pond very quietly.  Several jumped on sight of my approach but many stayed where they were, in stillness.  They knew I was coming to seek them as spirit friends.  I took many pictures of the frogs in different angles and they just sat there, in stillness.

The frogs teach me so much, to just sit in the sun in stillness, enjoying the moment, not bothered by what is going on around.

eagle2phoenix eagle2phoenix
46-50, F
Mar 9, 2010