Outside My Door

as I wake up in the am,I go have coffee out side on good days,I see a spiders web with maybe left-over dinner caught up in its web or maybe early breakfast.I see my roaster and his hens on the lawn picking on the grass,my bran cat with her kittens having morning milk,the geese in the swimming pool enjoying there early bath.I hear the birds sing,and of course my small dog barking at the  my other dogs.I have gone on nature walks looking at tress,and the way leafs are on the ground.A branch will catch my eye because it looks like some thing other than a branch.I will always have respect foe nature we really all should because one day it may not be there..

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You got it right!

this week I am going fishing i wont be upset about not catching anything.....Just the idea of going makes me happy

Thank you. And I really do agree with your story, Think about early spring, watching the sun come up, mug of coffee in hand, in the country, possibly at a lake, pole in hand, (fishing pole I mean). I wouldn't care if I caught a fish or a boot. It is the dawn of another beautiful gift from God. It kind of gives me shivers thinking about it.

go to see you again my friend

Early spring, return of life, the best time of the year.

yes you said it very nicely

Tonight Mother Nature is roaring her wind through the trees in my yard - whoooshh! In the morning I will pick up the dead branches that fell - free pruning!I am waiting for crocus to emerge here in the northeast. A pair of red-tailed hawks is back in my tree they like so much for the 3rd year in a row. My bleeding hearts are emerging too soon this year because of warm weather. Today I rescued a spider stuck in the sink and put him out in my porch - silly spider! Early spring fascinates me - watching for the first green things to emerge. Warm wind, cool earth, spring rain.... Cherish the earth and all it's changes!