I Feel Re- Energised Around Nature

Lately I find the beauty of nature can move me to tears. I appreciate it and couldn't live without it ( or wouldn't want to ). I love listening to running water such as streams and waterfalls - and spending time sitting close to a stretch of water makes me feel re- energised. It's heaven.  Just the simple things move me, such as feeling excited over butterflies flitting into my garden. Listening to dawn chorus of birds that greet me in the morning. I can't wait to attract more wildlife to my little garden such as birds, butterflies and hedgehogs.

 I take pleasure in sitting under trees and feeling them 'hug' me especially if there's a group of them, and I sometimes hug them back  when on my own, their energy is powerful and it's like recharging my battery.  They are alive to me, and how many times do people walk past them and not notice what beauty that trees and shrubs offer to a city. Take away the greenery in the cities and what are we left with - a depressing concrete and brick jungle. Nature is  spiritual connection for me.  You can't improve on mother nature , to me it offers sanity in the midst of madness.

dreamboatgirl dreamboatgirl
46-50, F
Mar 14, 2010