Best Job In World

I'm a game ranger and have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to have experienced a lot things people can only dream about. I have been charged by Rhino, Lion, Elephant and Buffalo. All while walking. Most would consider this a nightmare but the adrenalin that kicks in afterwards is amazing. Normally this is followed by going for a stiff drink. I've had a cape cobra in my house and that was the most amazing experince of my entire life. Coming out of shower in middle afternoon, lifting the towel off the floor and curled underneath was a cape cobra. It was very quick to raise it's hood. It was over 1m and raised about 30cm off the ground at me. Every book tells you to stay completely still and make no movements, this I did purely out of fear I think rather than a thought process of 'I know I have to stand still'. It moved off and i got dressed and went to find a pair of tongs to remove it from the vicinity. Very close escape

I'm the guy you see on tv in the khaki driving the big open top vehicles whowing you animals in the wild. There is no better job in the world:)

SadRanger SadRanger
22-25, M
Mar 24, 2010