Utah Mormon Girl

So I got a call from a friend of mine saying there was a hot mormon girl at her house who was drunk and horny and wanted someone to make out with. I went as a man (nobody knows about my fem side) and we started making out and ended up in a bedroom. her hands were all over my body and her tongue down my throat so I took it as a hint she was wanting more. When I ran my hand between her legs she spread them wider so I knew I was in. I quickly got her clothes off and mine. She was pretty drunk so she let me do most of the work. I went down on her and ate her out until she was really wet. When I got back up to mount her she asked about a condom. I remembered I had one in my wallet. but it was old and had partially unraveled in the case from being in my wallet so long so I told her it was no good. I thought I would get no sex but after a few minutes of grinding she grabbed my **** and stuffed the tip in her ***** and started pushing for more. I slid right in after a moment and started pumping her hard. She moaned louder and louder as I went harder and deeper. I was getting ready to *** and she said she wanted it inside. She moaned something about birth control. I hope it was that she was on it! Anyway, i spurted a lot of hot *** inside her (it had been weeks since i jacked off so there was a lot!) and then we cuddled all night. She never even got up to clean up, and as we cuddled her tight ***** kept all of it inside. Yikes I'm hoping I didn't just help to multiply and replenish the earth.
I'm going to see her tomorrow. She lives out of town. I will have a hotel room. She says she has gone good now, but I will find out!
jessicahartts jessicahartts 26-30 10 Responses Aug 17, 2011

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Amazing!!! Good that she didn't care about the condom. Love she wanted you to come inside of her

Was there a follow up?

Good story. I love turning good girls bad, my wife was Mormon before we met. Now she's a freak. Thanks for sharing.

hey just because she's a chruch girl don;t mean she don;t like to **** :( she's human just like the rest of us :) ****** once for me :P

Sounds like the small town of Snowflake Az..

Those are the gems. When little molly mormon decides she wants to try the other side for a night. It's all about being the right person at the right time to make sure you are the one she fools around with.

Sounds like a Catholic girl I knew. Took about a week to **** her. Then a week later she decided she couldn't but she could not resist a hard ****. She would start off just sucking me, but would get so carried away, she would then beg to be ******.<br />
<br />
Her way of dealing with he guilt was to have me ***** her completely and whip her, which only made her hornier.<br />
<br />
Some of those southern Holy Roller and the tent Baptists wow.<br />
<br />
Give me that ol' time religion! or at least their women.

Hmm. interesting story. sounds like she's a keeper..

Take some new condoms just in case!!

Nice, I know lots of morman gals, or my wife if you want!