I could not resist becoming part of this group.  I find that Mormon Girls are some of the naughtiest I know.  The are so intent on not being like their moms that they will do almost anything.  Especially if you dare them. 

Some of my friends at our Lingerie Party are mormon girls.  Can you guess which ones?

 There are two of them in this picture.


One of these is. 

Thanks for starting this group.  It made my day.

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Between that and what my friend told me was that her mom and her moms friends all tell the kids that sex is bad its not good. Then when they realize its not only fun, but its very good, they get addicted to it.

IDK what it is about us. I think it is all of that pint up sexual anxiety, like a powder keg, when it explodes it has no limits.

Or refraining from everything remotely bad for so long... that and nobody ever expected me to be this way now, as i was the girl in high school dumped for being too prude.

I dated a mormon girl in HS and some college and she was either a total nympho or frigid depending on things at church. Now I hear her and her husband are really wild.

In my limited experience with them, it seems that female Mormons tend to be extremely physically attractive.

Keep on being you

In the first one, they are the two in the middle. In the second one, she is in the red.

Doesn't matter which one is witch. All of them will get ******* by the end of the night.

All very lovely ladies.

Actually, nope. Well, half nope. One has a beer and one doesn't.

I'm guessing it's the two without the beer in the first picture??