Friends Mom

My friends mom and dad were divorced, so i was always asked to help her with repairs as I am pretty handy at fixing things and work shifts. i would go there and do odd jobs or pack things in places she couldn't reach. she always got a dozen beers for when i was done. one day she messed something on her shirt and went to change her top, i was done and went to tell her. i walked into her room and she stood there without a top on looking in her drawer for another one. on seeing me she stopped and stood there. having had a couple of beers already i couldn't help looking at her chest. she told me that she would be out soon and i replied that she should take her time because i liked the view. she blushed and said that she was old enough to be my mother. "but you're not" i replied, and kept looking at her breasts. when she turned around to carry on finding a clean top i stepped forward and loosened her bra. she made a half attempt to protest and asked me to wait in the lounge with a fat grin on her face. reluctantly i left and went to sit and watch TV. she came and sat down across from me, all that happened forgotten. she had a couple glasses of wine and i carried on drinking beer. after about an hour of drinking watching TV she sat there and lifted her leg to put her foot on the chair, as i looked across i noticed that she wasn't wearing underwear and i could see her lips as clear as day. i got up and went to kneel in front of her and buried my face and started licking. she tried to complain and push me off, but ended up holding my head and shoving my face into her harder. i licked her till she moaned and her whole body shook. as i was getting up she grabbed my pants at the belt and said that i was not done yet. she loosed my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles and told me to take them off. when i had done this she grabbed my hard **** and hitched both her legs up on to the chair. she pulled me down and kissed me. the she leaned to my ear and told my to fill her **** slowly as she wanted to savor every moment. i was a a bit scared as i was in control at first and now suddenly i was the one being ordered around. I was in no position to argue and did what i was told. i will never forget the feeling of her nails on my but as i slowly slid my **** into her, such pain and pleasure at the same time, i swear my **** swelled to almost twice its thickness. i started ******* her slowly and easily till i heard her breath start to get shallow and rapid. nails across the the back this time and her telling me to **** her harder and faster. harder she screamed and bit me in the neck. i ****** her with all my might and slammed her as hard as i could, every time i hammered her she dug her nails deeper, every time her nails dug and i hammered her harder. i shot my load at the speed of a bullet train not slowing for one second, i was spent and fell onto her, my legs unable to hold me any longer. she pulled my face to hers and kissed me like it was the end of the world. after we parted she went to the bathroom and freshened up. i was dressed by the time she returned and drinking a nice cold beer, she stopped in front of me and asked if i thought i was done. "i guess so" i answered. she threw pink furry handcuffs at me and said "think again". she took me by the hand and led me to the room......

when i was finally leaving, she said that she had a cupboard door that was sticking and that i should be there again next week. with that she smiled and closed the door
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Sep 11, 2012