I Trapped A Girl

once i had trapped  a girl and played with her belly and navel by saying that i am a film director this happened 6 years ago me and my friends were at a studio we went there to watch a film shooting  there i saw her tall beautiful sexy figure and deep sexy navel i got an devilish idea to play with her navel i waited for her outside the studio  she came out at 5.00pm i saw that she was little sad i asked her what is your name she replied in a soft voice barkha i told her barkha i am a telegu film director and me and my assitants are looking for a heroine and your our heroine she was very happy i called her at my studio at 6.30am and she came at exactly 6.30am in evening i made her sit on chair and told my assitants to give her some water the drank water and after that i told her now i will start your audition she said ok i slowly pinched her sides she asked me sir what are you doing i said i am check your belly fats and navel deepnes she relied why i told her i have to check it its important she said ok i slowly circled my finger around her navel and inserted my finger in her navel my heart started to pound very fasti felt the moisture and warmness of her navel  my ****  was standing like a lam post  and my ***** was like wanted to go in her deep belly button  after that i made her lay on table and said ok now i will check your tickling she asked for what i replied think in the film hero is tickling your navel i brought some worms and kept those worms on her silky soft belly she was laughing non stop as worms moved on her belly  after sometime i cleared worms from her belly and made her stand against a wall and i brought some apples and oranges and i told her ok now i will check your belly fats she asked why i told her dont ask to many questions or else i will not take you in my film she said sorry sir  i hitted her belly with apples and oranges to make her belly wobbal after that i made her lay on bed with her hands and legs tied  she asked me sir why are you tying me on bed i told her imagen a scene where villan has kidnapped you and tied you to bed to lick your navel i took an honey bottle and poured some honey in her navel and me and my assitants licked her navel one by one after that i made her her stand with her hands tied i told her ok now imagen a scene where villan has tied your hands and will finger your navel with his goons she said ok me and my assitants took turns to finger her navel after that i her to imagine that villan will kiss her  belly on a  bullock cart i made her lay on bullock cart my assitants holded her arms and legs and i kissed her belly i heard her moaring sound aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh i took advantage of this and kissed her belly heavily and after i  told her ok one last thing and you are selected she happily asked me what i have to do sir i told her to stand against a wall and raise her arms  behind her head  me and my assitants went close to her and i again told her to imagine a scene wher villan will punch your belly and me and my assitants punched her belly and rubbed her belly and took turns to blew rasberries on her  belly i told her ok you are perfect you will be my heroine she  happily  left the place and me and my friends too left the place with the sweet memories of  barkhas navel play and belly torture
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6 Responses May 8, 2012

i read a similer story on exbii...can anyone tell where can i download videos like these story???

haha that was sexy and clever

Hmm.. I think I have read a similar story earlier somewhere on exbii.com.Lol I enjoyed the belly torment..

could u do the belly punch bit to me?????

naughty ;)

Great story! I wish I was one of your assistants!

fine next time he will call you to assist him ;)