Sarah’s Perfect Tummy

She entered the market wearing a tight fitting short black t-shirt and faded low rise jeans. The shirt she was wearing was just short enough so it couldn't reach her jeans and a little bit of her lower belly was bare and exposed for everyone to see. The shirt was also made from such material which allowed it to ride a lot more up if she even tried to put her hands a little over her head. Just the way she wanted...
The girls name was Sarah. She was a beautiful young girl about 20 years old with one specific thing about her. She had a tummy fetish. She loved walking around in jeans and short shirts showing off a little bit of her belly all the time. It made her feel so sexy and turned on knowing that people were looking at it.

Today when Sarah entered the market, she immediately spotted a guy she thought was cute, and in a second she was filled with desire to give him a little tease. Little did she know what was going to happen..Sarah slowly moved towards him, waiting for him to notice her. And he did. She caught his eyes checking her out, going down her body and stopping at one spot specifically, her exposed tummy skin. His eyes were now focused on that small piece of Sarah’s tummy skin. She felt a bit turned on and decided to give him a little show.
At that point Sarah couldn't even imagine that the guy watching her, had a fetish for girls tummies for as long as he could remember. Nothing could ever turn him on and make him hot that much, as the sight of a beautiful girl, exposing her tummy. And now he had that in front of him.

He decided to follow her in the market and watch her move, hoping that he will have a chance to get a better look at her tummy. So he did. He followed her while she was moving between the shelves, thinking that she can’t have a clue that he was watching her. But that was just what he thought...The second Sarah noticed his eyes on her tummy, her mind was focused on him and nothing else but him. She noticed very well that he was "accidently" at the same places in the market that she was and she was thrilled knowing that she had his full attention. So the show began.

Sarah moved slowly, swaying her hips from side to side, making sure that he's watching her, with her mind constantly thinking of her bare tummy skin. She stopped in front of the candy shelf and pretended that she was deciding what to buy, taking time to think about it. She crossed her legs and put her thumbs in the front pockets of her jeans, pulling them a bit down, knowing that by doing this she also exposes a little bit more of her lower belly. She loved it. Sarah threw a quick and sudden look at the guy next to her and again she caught him glancing at her tummy. He was surprised by this act and felt confused, quickly turning his eyes on the shelf in front of him, pretending to buy something. He was blushing a little bit. Sarah smiled.

After thinking for a couple of minutes Sarah decided to spice up this "game" of hers a little more. She deliberately decided to take one chocolate from the highest shelf in front of her knowing that she will have to make a big stretch and knowing what was going to happen. She got on her tiptoes, and slowly stretched her arms high up, to reach the thing she wanted.

She could feel her t-shirt riding up against her smooth tummy, going past her deep innie bellybutton, exposing it…She sucked her belly in a little bit which made her jeans drop a little lower. She was stretching out trying to reach the chocolate, flexing her stomach muscles, and it lasted for a minute or 2 at least. Sarah was burning from the inside. She was so turned on, feeling this guys eyes on her bare tummy skin. She knew he was watching her and she was imagining what he was thinking seeing her like this. Seeing her stretching out in front of him, exposing her bare belly....

He couldn't believe that this was actually happening to him. It was a dream coming true. He watched her stretch, his eyes focused on her bare and concave, sucked in tummy. It was so sexy and smooth with that perfect deep innie bellybutton in the middle of it. He imagined his hands touching her tummy skin, thinking how smooth and soft it must be...He was also thinking about how she feels right now..Sexy? Does she know he's watching her? Is she doing this on purpose? And does she even know how close he is to just exploding in his pants....

It was too much of a temptation for him. He decided to act!

He saw his opportunity when he realized that no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't reach that candy she wanted. He didn't know that she was just taking her time, deliberately posing her bare tummy for him to see, not really trying to get the chocolate. Finally he managed to collect enough courage to approach Sarah. As he started to approach her, her heart started beating faster and faster. She was so excited and she couldn't believe this was actually happening to her."What is he going to do", she wondered.

Finally he approached and stood just beside her. He put his best effort to speak calmly and normally, despite the fact that he was being insanely turned on."Hi", he said."I see you are having troubles getting that chocolate from up there" he said smiling."I can give you a hand with that if you'd like?" Sarah blushed, and instantly put her arms down, pulling her shirt back down in order to cover her tummy. She managed to do it only partly because a small piece of her lower belly was still visible and exposed. She never assumed this would actually happen, and she didn't expect him to speak to her. She just wanted to tease him a little bit, like she used to do so many times before when there were some guys around..But this was something completely new..

"Sure..", she said, noticing that he, again, threw another quick look at her exposed tummy. He reached up and took one of the chocolate and handed it over to Sarah, smiling."Thanks", she said. He had to think quickly but he just didn't know what to say to continue the conversation. On the other hand he was determent to meet this girl. The desire was too strong."You live around here?" he said "Maybe I can help you carrying some stuff if you are buying something heavier..?"He knew how stupid he sounded but he tried to remain calm and continued smiling."Actually I'm just buying a few more things, nothing too heavy...but thanks anyway" Sarah said, turning around and preparing to leave."By the way, I'm Ronald" he said suddenly, giving his arm to her. Sarah was caught off guard so she instinctively introduced herself also "Hi Ronald...I'm Sarah..." She said, a little confused and again, blushing."Nice to meet you Sarah.. Listen, I know how stupid I must sound, and I know this surely isn’t the right way to meet people but I just couldn't stop watching you as you entered this place "he said "I'm sorry I know it's a bit scary and creepy but it was stronger than me and I'm harmless, I assure you of that “he said."I wanted to meet you and wanted to get a cup of coffee if you are interested...?"He couldn't believe that he just asked a girl who he never saw in his life, out for a cup of coffee. It just blew out of him in a second before he could think about it.

Sarah was also stunned and confused. A complete stranger, approaching her like this in a market and asking her out for a coffee?!" thanks really" she said."Ok, I know it's a little...a lot strange , but I would really like to meet you."He continued quickly before she could go away."Here's my number in case you change your mind. Call me so we can get some drink maybe, I promise you, you won’t regret it..." he said smiling and giving her a card with his number on it. Sarah took the card, turned away from him and left. It was way too strange of a situation to be around him anymore and it all happened too fast. She thought she would never call him nor see him again.

Sarah thought about Ronald all the way to her house. He wasn't at all bad looking, on the contrary, he was a cute guy, like the type she preferred. And he didn't seem like some maniac or something, he seemed actually quite normal and polite. The next day, she thought about the whole situation that happened the day before and that was when she decided to do something out of ordinary and unusual for her- She decided to give him a call and push her luck!

So she did. They arranged a meeting in a local coffee shop. Despite the fact that Sarah was really nervous about all this, she felt excited at the same time. And the conversation between them was going easily and more than ok. They were getting along really nice and started to feel completely relaxed as the time passed. They saw each other a couple of times before Ronald told and admitted to Sarah all about his fetish. He explained that he went crazy seeing her exposed tummy the other day in the market, he told her that that's what drove him crazy and everything. Hearing that was like a dream to Sarah. Even while he was just speaking about it, she got so turned on and admitted to him that she also has a tummy fetish. She said that she noticed him watching her belly in the market, and that she did all those things on purpose, to tease him. After a few more dates, they arranged to watch a movie one night at Sarah’s place. And that night came.

That night Sarah was in a special mood. She knew that Ronald was coming to her place..a guy with a tummy fetish. Something she was dreaming all her life about and praying to become reality was right there, happening in a real life. She decided that this should be a night to remember.

Earlier that day, she went to the mall, to do a little shopping. She wanted to surprise Ronald and give both him and herself something to remember. She was in a search for a perfect cropped t-shirt or a blouse. It had to be just right and so she spent a good 2 hours in search for it. She tried various shirts, but finally decided on a white one. She tried it on and looked at herself in the mirror. About 2 inches of her belly was showing and when she put her hands behind her head, it would ride up, a little past her bellybutton. She knew how much Ronald liked that, not to mention how much it turned her on too, and she was satisfied with her look. She just had to wait until the evening to see Ronald. Time passed slowly.

It was about 7:00 pm and Ronald was supposed to come any time now. Sarah was standing in front of the mirror, looking at herself. She wore her tight hip hugger jeans along with that white shirt she bought and she kept looking at her exposed tummy, making different poses and imagining how Ronald will react when he sees her like this. Since they saw each other for the first time in that market, Sarah didn't wear anything revealing and Ronald didn't push her to do so. He was a true gentleman. This is the first time since then that Ronald will see her exposed tummy again. She was getting more and more excited, thinking about this, when she heard a door bell rang. She got such a rush, and a turn on knowing that in a few seconds he will be looking at her bare tummy. She went to the door.

She opened the door. Ronald was stunned by the sight of her. He didn't expect this at all. He just stood there looking at her, his eyes going down her body and stopping at the place her tummy skin was showing.
Sarah blushed a little bit, but she was burning from the inside."Well are you going to come in or you just want to stand there and stare?" she asked smiling."Sure..." he said, as he entered the room. Sarah was teasing him a lot and she loved the feeling, knowing that whatever she does drives him crazy right now. He tried to pretend that everything was normal and he tried not to be caught looking at her belly, but it was really hard.
That cropped top...Jeans...Her bare tummy skin..That was all that was in his mind right now. And Sarah didn't make it any easier for him. She turned away, walking and moving her hips provocatively from side to side, knowing that he was looking at her."So...what are we watching tonight?" he asked."Don't know...we can see what I got on my PC..." she said. So they went to her room. Sarah took a seat in her chair and started browsing on her PC while Ronald placed himself on her bed, looking at her from the side. Sarah was only pretending to look for a movie, instead of that she was just looking for a right moment and way to do a little show of hers.

At one point she placed her palms on the back pockets of her jeans, on her but, and went into a big yawn, stretching and pushing her breasts up. Her shirt worked itself up, and her belly becoming concave and sexy swath of exposed skin.Ronald was hypnotized by this act. He was turned on beyond his limits. Sarah then slowly, without a word, got up to lay on the bed next to where Ronald was sitting. He couldn't believe this was real, but it was. He looked at her face and saw her smiling at him, like she was inviting him to act, to do something, anything..

His eyes were flying all over Sarah’s body. She was lying on her bed and slowly started putting her arms behind her head. Her shirt started going slowly up, exposing more of her white tummy, until it reached the highest point, just a little past her bellybutton. Sarah felt unbelievable..There she was, lying on a bed, wearing a belly shirt, stretching and having her sexy tummy exposed in front of a guy with belly fetish...She closed her eyes and moved her hips a little bit in expectation and in pleasure..

Ronald approached her and placed his index finger gently on Sarah’s hipbone. The feeling was sensational. Her tummy skin was so smooth and soft. Sarah felt that first touch and got turned on badly.. She allowed him to continue, she so wanted him to continue..Ronald drew the line following the edge of her jeans, from one side to another. Then he slowly drew the line from where her shirt ends, down until he reached the jeans again, and again up, until his finger dropped right into her deep innie bellybutton. He made a swirly movement with his finger still inside Sarah’s bellybutton, which made Sarah smile and move her hips a little from pleasure..Ronald than placed his whole hand in the middle of Sarah’s tummy and started caressing her slowly and gently. He lifted her shirt more up, to expose her ribs. He caressed every inch of Sarah’s belly...her ribs, then slowly to her sides, her lower belly...Sarah was living her dream. She was filled with emotions. She could feel a guys hand on her exposed tummy, she felt his touch, his hand moving all over her was unbelievable. Ronald then started slowly kissing Sarah’s belly, beginning from her lower belly, following that sexy line in the middle of her tummy, all the way up to her breasts..He used his tongue and placed it in Sarah’s bellybutton. Sarah was now moaning in pleasure which made Ronald more and more turned on...

Then he got up, smiling..She asks Sarah if she would like to spice this game of theirs a little bit. She agreed. He then used some old ropes, that Sarah had in her room and tied Sarah’s wrists together, then tying them to the bed, behind Sarah’s head. He did the same with her ankles.

Sarah was so turned on. She was lying, with her tummy bare and exposed in front of him, helpless of doing anything but having Ronald do things to her tummy the way he wanted. She felt so vulnerable and turned on at the same time..He used some old drum stick he found in the room and placed it under Sarah’s chin. Then slowly slid it down across her t-shirt, and onto her bare tummy. Sarah got goose bumps from pleasure. He used that stick to draw and caress all over Sarah’s tummy, while she continued moving her hips and softly moan He then asked her to do a little belly dance while lying there, tied up...And she did that, her hips moving from side to side, and her eyes looking directly into Ronald’s eyes. She could see the fire in them and she knew he could not be any more turned on than he was at that very moment. It was too much for both of them. He asked her "Are you my belly girl, little one?" "Yes...I am!".."Say it" he said, "I wanna hear it!"…"I'm your belly girl Ronald!"

He untied her...the rest of the night is something both of them will remember forever.

The End.
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wow your stories are such a turn on...whew, is it hot in here?!

Im glad you like them thank u

i would like to be someone's belly girl *wink*

Hmm is that so?

Yush! :)

I think i would enjoy that