Lick My Navel

first of all lemme tell u i have the biggest navel fetish. now straight to the point. this story is of my friend juhi. she teaches tution to seventh and lesser dan dat class students. once she was in red saree as she told me. only a 5th class boy was studying maths. and she has a navel licking fancy too. she said oooouuuuchhh and asked dat boy to see if somethin' bit in her navel. he dint respond he was shy. but she asked. please i cant c in my navel. touch it and see yaar. is it swelling. he put his finger inside and said no. she said watch carefully it pains. he poked in and she said aaaaah. he said he was sorry. she said its okay. u can kiss for compromising that poke pain. he smiled and laid a soft kiss.
navelmaniax navelmaniax
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4 Responses Jul 23, 2012

if i was there i suck it hard..

amazing but in short....................... please write naveltorture story about her

Erotic! She should have made that boy suck and lick her navel. That would have been amazing too!

Short and sweet.. And pokes are fun lol..