Navel Watching

You moved your finger around your pretty belly button so slowly your belly twitched, almost couldn’t stand it so good, and you needed your fingernail in it, deep in it, asked for it. In candlelight on the white silk sheets, so pretty, so sexual.
I see a blush rise on your smooth cheeks, look longing at your oval, the long slit, your fingers, somehow, still just touching that gorgeous little belly hole I want to finger and lick, ram, dig my finger tongue, me hard so ready for you, but it’s my turn to watch.
Your finger jams into your belly button. Inside, inside at your center and your other hand reaches down over the silk brief panties and moves, moves slowly. Your belly button now a complex of nerves awake screaming, calling for pressure for friction for speed, move your finger fast faster and harder, "God" you whisper and your finger digs deeper in-out in out fast.
I'm hardly breathing now, completely entranced. Your hand low, between your smooth thighs quickly rubbing. Your eyes close. Your belly button incredibly sensitive, finger digging into your little belly knot friction and scratching now and your navel wants more, aches for your touch. Your hand slips under the wet silk of your panties, spreads your lips, and up and your **** now, rubbing hard, reaching for complete release. Speed and hard strokes and digging almost violence as you build; in your navel, your ****, almost pain, the pleasure so intense, pressure builds, more pleasure-pain you don't know anymore only more sensation, more, faster and harder. Beautiful animal sighs from your open mouth.
You look at me and there's a misty glow in your eyes, so deep, far, somewhere infinite, somewhere primitive. You bite your lower lip hands moving so fast scraping fast and then your hips jut up, your belly twitches, hips high now thrusting your navel against your fingernail your nipples hard, erect hips spasm and a soft moan comes through your lovely red lips from deep inside. Your belly shimmies uncontrollably, your thighs tighten and there's a long moan of relief or ecstasy or suffering or all and your freeze, open penetrated. Then you breathe again.
"You're so beautiful," I say, as I lean down to kiss you.
Sacron1111 Sacron1111
46-50, M
Sep 13, 2012