Navel Mutual Pleasure

You look down, see my finger penetrating your center as the pulses from your belly knot rush hot into your thighs and the pressure builds and our hands are so fast now, wild, no technique, all ancient flesh. I fell your building to climax, the tension radiates from your belly through your p*ssy to my tongue and I dig deeper into your delicious folds and the pleasure flows through your cl*t and belly and navel, navel to cl*t, as you ****** your hips twitch against my mouth.
But we want more.
I lift myself and slide up your beautiful undulating body, straddle you. I'm hard, full for you. I take my co*k in my hand, move toward your belly. Your slender finger darts out and sticks into my belly button. Pleasure spreads though my belly and balls, so good, and you dig in harder, the excitement almost too much. Your other hand moves to your p*ssy teasing your inner lips, slow, opening for more.
You look to the mirrored wall beside the bed. Your legs so long in the black-seamed nylons, body golden in the candlelight, breasts firm, nipples hard and dark pink, my hard c*ck sliding up your belly so slowly and your finger deep and twisting in my belly button, my powerful chest and arms and legs and c*ck.
I move close to your face, look into your eyes, bring my lips close to yours. And stick my c*ck into your belly button. Hard. Spread your little belly hole, go deep, deep. I penetrate your center, second chackra, the nerve center I've wanted. Your hand is wild on your cl*t. Electric shock through you, deep inside. Your belly undulates, up, up against my thrusts and your moans scream harder deeper, your cl*t throbbing, my c*ok hitting your belly knot hard and electric gold currents flow to your p*ssy. You're melting and rising, pressure building, body on some edge, some ancient place, as we watch the beauty of my c*ck in your navel, penetrating you, your tight belly twitches up to drive me deeper into you. Pressure rising in your thighs, your ***, cl*t, belly button, nearly at the peak, p*ssy wet, hot.
Your finger plunges into my navel. You feel my c*ck shudder in your belly knot. Your body spasms, wet heat and golden light through you, falling, twitching to full ****** you feel streams of my hot cream hit your belly button, watch it flow fast white over your belly, down your sides, up to your breasts as I pump you, pumping all I have into you, penetration of your beauty, penetration of your core, all energy now me into you you into me pleasure flowing between our bodies c*ck to navel. Still shooting ***** into you I lean forward and kiss your lips.
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4 Responses Sep 13, 2012

I would love this being done to me. Nice work! (:

I SOOOO wish we could do this !!!!!

Erotic! Nice work!

Thanks very much.

I wish there were erotic films with scenes like the one you just described. Beautifully written. Thank you.

Thanks so much. Yeah, I wish there were films, too.