Navel Kiss To My Niece

Hai I am raj. I am a handsome guy of 16 years. my niece is 29 years old and very sexy.she is married. an incident happened when i was 11 years. she was newly married and i went to her house to visit her. that night i stayed with her. she slept in her saree near me . suddenly i noticed her glamourous navel .it was very deep and i touched it slowly and she laughed as i was her dear little brother. next day too i touched her navel and she hugged me close to her navel .i slightly moved her saree and kissed her navel it felt like heaven . she laughed and continued her work. all that day i enjoyed herself and she was thinking that i was innocent.please comment....
nimma nimma
18-21, M
2 Responses Oct 17, 2012

That would be heaven for me.

plz post more of this kind