My Hot Servant

I love women navel…I have already two true tiny incidents of my navel is another one…there was a servant who worked for more than 10 yrs in my home…her age was around 35-40..and I was then 15…she wears very light sarees and tucks her pallu at her waist often when she is washing clothes, cleans ..her colour was fair...i had a fascination of touching her navel one day…soon my dream came true…
I was a little afraid of catterpillars and centipedes in my younger dayzzz…so one evening when she came to work I told her that there was a caterpillar on the ground…she knew of my childish behaviour from early she took a broomstick and I got her to the ground..i was staring at her back portions…when she tired to bend to take the caterpillar, I acted as if I got afraid of it, and I touched her back portions of her belly which was wide open..i was almost rubbing her back…
I felt the smoothness but I wasn’t satisfied with that..feeling my hand she got a little frustrated as she dropped the broomstick first…then I shouted “KILL THAT STUPID CATERPILLAR”..this time again she had gone to take it..i got some more courage this time and placed my left hand on her tummy suddenly..i didn’t mind her reaction…BOY OH BOY It felt silky smooth and I was rubbing and pressing it for a few seconds like a horn…then I took my hands off..i feard that she would shout at me…but she said “Y ARE U GETTING AFRAID OF THIS SMALL CATERPILLAR…BE BOLD…”…I smiled and acted as if I was scared…that was the first time I had touched a woman’s belly in my life..after then I had a lot of navel experiences with her.…her belly structure is somewhat similar to the below picture but with a fair colour...CHILDHOOD MEMORIES…!! please add ur comments friendzzzz !!
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great one.