Traditional Regulation Knicker Lore.

Regulation Navies and other Colours - Knicker Lore
Regulation knickers of the style worn by the girls at school when I was a schoolboy back in the early sixties are an essential part of my schoolgirl cross dressing. The donning of suitable knickers is the beginning of my escapism setting me apart from the real world into the world of being a traditional school girl.
Regulation knickers must also be in a cotton or serge interlock fabric, (no later style nylon briefs,) and in a bloomer style with at least a six inch inside leg, generously cut and with strong elastication at the legs and waist. Finally they should also incorporate a patch pocket on one leg which I believe was supposed to be used for the girl’s hankie whilst doing P.E. In the old days such garments were seen as being a suitable garment to protect a girl’s modesty. As such they doubled as P.E. shorts either with or without the traditional gym slip or a short P.E skirt. On occasions these pockets could also serve to conceal crib notes and such items as illicit smoking materials.
At my school Knickers in navy (the most common colour,) were worn by girls with a regulation grey skirt whilst other local schools stipulated other colours. Accordingly at the local girls’ grammar school ‘navies were worn with a traditional navy tunic. Other schools in the area stipulated matching skirts and knickers in brown bottle green and even maroon and indeed from what I understand from talking to old girls, it was deemed to be totally unacceptable for them not to match. At one school another sign of respectability was to wear your knickers with a white cotton brief a liner, (double knickering.) Failure to do so was a grave and punishable offence for any girl found to break the rule. Another grave matter was to fail to have your name on an embroidered name tag sewn into your knickers just below the label at the back. Since all the girls did needlework ther was no excuse for not having done this and it was looked for in inspections .
Naturally in those days from time to time girls who broke the rules on occasions and could face corporal punishment with cane belt or slipper and at such times she might also have to face the humiliation of having to remove her knickers for such attention with an interesting variation a friend of my mum once mentionedto her within my heaqring, The friend being a retired schoolmistress, she mentioned how she would smack a girl on the bare legs having lifted the cuff of the leg out of the way in order to hit on the elastic line of the cuff in order for the firm elastic to exert pressure there for the rest of the day.

I have often imagined what it might be like to be a school girl of the 1950's and having to walk home with a pair of stout knickers aggrivating the effects of a good pants down spanking or even caning from Miss that day and perhaps on getting home to have to face Mum for another six of the best at bedtime. In those days few kids questioned a parent's or teachers right to impose discipline.

Oh what stories those old bloomers could have told had they been able to talk.
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Jan 5, 2012