Another Fantasy

I have managed to be appointed as a master, the only male teacher, in an all girls' private school. The school has a strict code of conduct and discipline and I have been made aware in my interviews that I would be expected to carry out corporal punishment in the same way as the mistresses, though being appropriately chaperoned by a mistress when I have need of dispensing a punishment.
On the first day of term I am called to the Headmistress's study where she discusses the subject of punishments at the school. As she suspects, I have had no previous experience. She tells me that she will have cause to cane a girl at the end of the school day and indicates that I should be present.
When I arrive at her study, I find that there is another member of staff present, Gillian Jankus, A slim dark-haired woman, aged about 30, I guess.
The Headmistress explains that Gillian is the teacher who has reported Clare for swearing during one of her classes.That misdemeanor is rated for the cane and Gillian judged it serious enough for the girl to be caned by the Head.
Shortly Clare, a 16 year-old knocks and enters the study. She is in uniform, A maroon blazer, navy blue skirt, black shoes, white socks, a white blouse under her blazer and the school tie.
The Head wastes no time in telling Clare that such language will not be tolerated in the School and she will ay the price, six strokes of the cane. She
instructs her to bend over her desk, which she has cleared.
It seems to my unpracticed eye that Clare has been here before; she steps forward and bends over the desk, stretching her arms out so that she can grasp the far edge of the desk. Her legs she keeps about 2 feet apart.
The Head nods to Gillian, who goes to the bent form of the girl and lifts her skirt up and over her back, revealing a neat bottom in navy blue regulations. knickers. Gillian makes sure the knickers are stretched taut across Clare's bottom.
Satisfied with her preparation, Gillian steps back and then goes to a cupboard from which she draws a thin cane, handing to the Headmistress.
She, in turn, takes the cane and does a few swishes through the air, satisfying herself with the flexibility of the thin rattan. She approaches the bent form of Clare, tapping the edges of her calves to widen her stance.
She lays the cane across the seat of Clare's navy knickers, slides the cane to and fro and then gives the firm cheeks a few taps.
I am surprised at the force with which the Head delivers the first stroke, the cane landing across the middle of the bottom, causing the cheeks to ripple with the strength of the cane, at the same time finding myself excited. Clare bore the caning with fortitude, grunting and 'ooowwing' in response to the painful cuts. When the six had been delivered, Gillian stepped forward, and to my surprise, put her hands under the elastic waistband of the knickers and drew them back and down to the tops of the girl's thighs, revealing the six lines in Clare's bare buttocks. She was left in this exposed position for five minutes while the Headmistress reminded her of her bad behaviour. She was then allowed to pull up the knickers and go on her way.
The Headmistress asks me for my comments. Then says I ought to have some practice. She indicates that Gillian is willing to be my guinea pig. Gillian smiles and says she will be very happy to oblige and with that she slides her slim fitting black skirt up her legs and higher, revealing her bottom clad in black cotton knickers, suspender belt and stockings...but that is another story!
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What a great story. A fantasy that we've all had; seeing a skirt up and navy knickers bent over a desk .. wonderful

thank you

any progress with your story involving
....revealing her bottom clad in black cotton knickers, suspender belt and stockings...

I will give that some thought and try to please you with the result!

Thanks and I look forward to it

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Love this story thanks for sharing

My fantasy is to be Clare.