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That Girl's A Genius...

Just a little video of my favorite NCIS ladies :)

phillyphan78 phillyphan78 31-35, F 8 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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Awww, thanks Candy...its definitely one of mine as well :)

Awesome lov this ;) hugs! fav show! hot!

Oh girl I know, she's great ! I already bought all the seasons on dvd, lol :p I am addicted too !!

yes yes yes NCIS is tuesday night addiction for me. Pauly Peretta is my girl!

Oh I hear you deadman, who can't love the forensic goth goddess Abby ! So beautiful and so witty, her and her CafePows, lol :p I have never seen the movie you speak of but Lauren Holly played Director Shepard very well, plus I have a thing for women with power, lol !

I gotta go with my favorite Goth girl Abby, followed by Jenny Shepard (for those of you who either don't already know this, or was born after 1988, she played Lt. Lake in the movie "Down Periscope" with Kelsey Grammer), Ziva, Kate, and most recently, Jamie Lee Curtis's character.

Haha, me toooooo ! I just started watching recently, I never realized what I was missing ! Kate, yes she was great and she is missed :( But Ziva, my my my lol :p

I love that show....loved Kate..