Women With Pretty Necks...

Truth is I adore beautiful long necks.
When I see a pretty woman, I usually look at her neck next.
I love caressing a lover's neck, nibbling on it, giving it tiny dry kisses everywhere before licking it all up to their chin.
And I love kissing the area right below the ear after I tickle the earlobe, ahhhh so sweet!
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Women’s necks are sexy, shapely and beautiful, men are strongly helpless to resist women’s necks, especially when hey lift their chins way up and when their long hair is lifted up or tied into a pony tail or something like that. Women’s necks are sometimes long and with no scarf covering them, women’s bare necks are so seductive men are tempted to kiss women’s necks passionately. They have dreams and wet dreams of doing it. Sometimes men don’t just want to kiss their necks, they want to bite their necks softly as they’re trying to be sensual, there’s nothing sensual about biting. Biting leaves bruises all over. Biting is psychotic and something vampires do in stories, it does not fit romance or any form of intimacy. Some people may not understand why a man (men in general) would want to kiss every inch of a woman’s neck (women’s necks in general), it has nothing to do with vampire tendency, it’s simply because of the sensual attractiveness of women’s necks, sometimes they may not realize this but when women lean their heads back, they’re revealing their sexy lovely necks, women’s necks are shapely, slender, luscious and beautiful and so are their shoulders, backs, flat stomachs and firm luscious smooth long bare legs. So men in general can’t help themselves they feel teased to where they’re dying to kiss women’s necks like if they needed a medicine to cure a disease or something. Talk about sexual healing, or better yet sensual healing. But then there are some men who think about kissing and biting women’s necks. They would say they like how sexy and lovely women’s necks are, it just makes them want to bite. They’re like vampires wanting to bite a woman’s neck, there’s nothing sensual about biting. Whoever wants to bite somebody during lovemaking must have a beast in them, especially when it can make someone bleed, that the nature of a savage beast. Don’t think of guys who stare at women’s necks wanting to bite and sometimes even think of blood, that’s vampirism. And another thing that’s really disturbing is when men say a woman’s neck look sexy it makes them want to put their hands around their necks and choke them, I don’t know what makes a man (men in general) want to do that to women, women’s necks are sensitive. There’s nothing sensual about biting or choking, they are both psychotic things to do to a woman’s (women’s necks in general) neck, it’s just as psychotic as choking a bird and frying and eating its neck whether it’s a Turkey or whatever kind of bird it is. Why not just kiss her neck? Women’s necks are insanely beautiful sexy and kissable. Women like men’s necks too, they get horny and want to kiss men’s necks as well, but compared to men’s necks women’s necks are generally shapely in a somewhat sort of sensual way and women’s neck are luscious to where it catches men’s attention quicker than men’s necks catching women’s attention, women’s necks have a stronger seduction and make men in general stare with their jaws dropping and mesmerize them like if they were under hypnosis. Men want to kiss women’s necks for hours because their long necks are insanely beautiful and sexy. Not only do men like women’s necks but young boys who just entered their teens. In fact you have men in their 20s and 30s who started staring at women’s necks when they were approaching their teens and they felt so teased whenever they saw women lean their heads back and saw their necks looking pretty. They’d probably say to themselves “women are generally flexible and shapely, their necks are so beautiful and sexy it’s scary, I want to kiss her neck, her neck is so damn pretty it’s making me breathless, I’m having dreams of kissing a sexy woman’s beautiful looking neck”. A man or men in general can’t resist women’s necks. Some women don’t even know what they’re doing to men when they reveal their necks by leaning their heads back, sometimes each man who go crazy from staring at women’s necks have to tell the woman they’re with that this might sound strange but when boys reach their teens they can’t help but stare at women’s slender necks along with their shoulders and other parts of their bodies that’s exposed in a bathing suit, bikini or something like that, some boys don’t necessarily think or stare at your private cover areas, because women don’t necessarily have to be naked. But what I’m saying is other than your face or women’s faces in general, your necks are beautiful and sexy, pleasant shape and sexy skin texture. And it doesn’t have anything to do with vampirism to where we want to bite because that sounds kind of creepy, I don’t even know how a man or men generally can say that a woman’s neck or women’s necks are generally beautiful and sexy it makes me want to sink my teeth in their skin. How can somebody want to bite something pleasant and sensually attractive because women are usually described as attractive in a somewhat sensual way? Biting leaves marks and bruises and that is not pretty at all, women’s bodies (necks, shoulders, arms and legs) are beautiful with smooth skin but not when it’s all bruised up with bite marks, scratches or whatever kind of marks, there’s really no pleasure in biting. So I don’t speak for men who have a passion for biting women they want to make out with or whatever and I don’t want to understand them either, I can’t imagine biting women’s necks or any parts of their bodies because that’s not what teeth are meant for. You women are generally and naturally beautiful and luscious all over with your femininity shape and figure. We men don’t know if you women like our bare necks the same way we like yours, we can’t see how you look at us that pleases your eyes, we will have to learn about you women containing to your XX chromosome as well as our XY chromosome. But you women are strongly appealing to the opposite gender with your sexy femininity. The female gender in general is very naturally luscious and tone, you make us breathless. And I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but you women in general have us mesmerized and aroused. Not aroused to where we want to go to sex right away that’s unnecessary and kind of perverted, but aroused to where we want to be near you and maybe caress you kiss you all over gently. You might not even know how you women can excite us and drive us men insane. You women can easily use your sex appeal and beauty to tease us men generally. You can distract us tempt us and tease us even if you don’t mean it. And those are some of the things that make us attracted to you females, sometimes we try to fight it even when we know we can’t fight it. That’s what men will have to tell women they’re with so that they’ll be aware of, it’s something that they don’t always hear coming from men, and it lets them know that not all guys are creeps who just want to have sex. So many men who are pigs done messed up a lot of things for the type of men who are complete opposite of them to where women start making a lot of negative comments about the male gender, but a lot of those males have problems and need help. The males who are gentle and not jerks or anything like that are nearly unheard of, they’re probably forced to be invisible all because they don’t know who to trust. So if you’re a male who doesn’t necessarily chase women nor do things you normally don’t do just to impress them and chicks see you as the man they want in their lives, then you will be forced to do things by yourself and be alone most of the time because a lot of males who discover a male who is the complete opposite of them, they would want to take advantage of him. They’re going to want to beat him up violently, simply because they’re jealous of him for the simple fact that they know chicks dig him and desire him and they can’t stand the thought of women rejecting them, so the kind of men that women and even younger girls dream about would have to stay hidden and have less popularity just to avoid being the target of a bunch of childish jealous bastards because they don’t know how to control their attitudes. Like I said before, men have to tell women the best way they can about how from the time they have always stared at women who are strongly attractive ever since they were very young in their teens and every time a woman or women in general would lean their heads back and they found themselves staring at their necks, they’re not trying to make this sound strange but generally women’s bare necks are so beautiful and sexy, and men are not sure if women ever find themselves staring at a man’s neck or men’s necks in general but women are more flexible, women usually are and their femininity is very irresistible to the opposite gender, not necessarily to where they would desperately want sex, but where they would gently kiss their necks. Boys in their early teens like women’s bare necks, they see that women’s necks are very sexy and lovely they want to kiss their necks, older grown men don’t even have to tell them to look how lovely a woman’s neck is, nor do they have to hear older grown men kiss all over women’s necks whether it’s in real life or on TV, for some teenage boys it’s natural. Men in general can’t help themselves, when they see how sexy shapely and lovely women’s bare necks are it’s torture because they feel so teased to where they’re dying to kiss women’s necks like if they needed a medicine to cure a disease or something.

good one Carpe hehe, <br />
I need to live happily even it is vicariously tee hee!<br />
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In this case it becomes: neck kissing shall set you free. Are you volunteering Carpie? lol

Thanks ladies, and gentlemen! It's just the truth.

HOT STORY! :P .... =)

Warmer,softer and smells way much better that cheeks;) I guess I prefer them too;)


I like!!!!