A Great Turn On

I love kissing and getting kissed on the neck. Ive already been known as a great kisser but when i attack the neck it makes my victoms squirm in pleasure. Im a master at what I do and I love doing it! I dont just go for the neck eather as I kiss you my body massages against yours giving of the slightest feeling of full gratification while at the same time going on wanting. I also love to nibble and bite your neck and collar bone region to where you feel the pain and pleasure of a hicky but with no mark ;p unless you want it haha. Still that is also what I love. It drives me crazy when I have the same thing done back. That's what I believe heats up the mood.
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why can't i read the story-.-

Mmm that sounds amazing !

why thank you lol

You're most welcome ;) lol

I can tell you enjoy it too lol xD

Hehe , yes I do , a lot ! cx
Just as you said , " A Great Turn On " ;)

haha well a true master of romance knows that necking is but the first step lol

hehe , and you are correct you master of romance lol

-takes a bow- I do what I can lol

from what ive read im assuming you do it very well hehe

A man can be a god in bed but he will get no where if he does not have the charm or imagination to set a mood for the woman lol

Well said hehe

you have succeed lol

why thank you lol like I said I do what I can lol

Hehe , your most welcome :)

I aim to please lol

And pleased I am lol

I can tell miss neck bite :p lol

Hehe , I like that :P
You are Master, Master of Romance :P

Work with what you got I say lol my skill happens to be charm :p

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Nice. <3