Neck Veins

when I am looking at the veins in a neck, it really make me feel touching this neck.  I think it's a sexual attraction.  I like to touch the veins.  I had a friend his neck and his forehead were veiny and he usde to force to make them inflated for me.  Since, I knew it was a sexual attraction fro me, which he was not aware I did not really enjoy it because he was just a friend.

Please if there are people who enjoy make their veins inflated so they could be touch, caress, I would like to read you story.  Feel free to contack me.

Thanke you

Take care

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5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I have veiny feet and it turns men on. Plus I love women who have veiny feet as well. Sexy veins may I add lol....Love touching my own.

I will as long as you will too

I have the same fetish.. :) it's great.<br />
I have this passion since a i was 4 or 5 years..<br />
It's wonderful, i think.<br />

Guys<br />
<br />
Its a fetish of mine to i love it and I would love to see lal your neck veins stay in touch

Hi <br />
It's a fetish. I well know because I have the same. I was born like this and I can't do nothing to cancel it and just after years I learnt to accept it. Neck veins are my biggest turn on.<br />
<br />
Nice to stay in contact with you<br />
<br />
take care