Especially His Anansi Boys!

I loved Smoke and Mirrors, but I loved Anansi Boys much better! It's so funny that I'd read it over and over again!

Neil Gaiman always has the most unusual plots, and I'll never tire of reading them all. :D

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Strange, Anansi Boys is the only thing he wrote that I didn't enjoy. I've loved everything else, from The Day I Traded My Dad For Two Goldfish to American Gods, Sandman, Good Omens, and all the poetry.

I think you can start with anything actually :) There's Stardust, Neverwhere (I also liked this one so much!), American Gods, Anansi Boys, Smoke and Mirrors and Fragile Things (or something like that.. haven't read that one, too, yet--it's a bit like S&M, I hear).<br />
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Me, too!

Ooh, I haven't read the Sandman series yet, but I'm planning to. Coraline is indeed lovely :)

I have been planning to read Neal Gaiman for a long time now. I've read about the bizarre plots online. Which do you recommend for a beginner?<br />
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I need to get my hands on sandman series...

I love Sandman and mirrormask :D oh and Coraline is lovely!