The Horse

Patriot Center, Fairfax Va, November 30, 2012.

Neil and Crazy Horse. Enough said, but I'll continue. Neil (like I really know him) has said and written many times that he never feels as complete as when he's with the Horse. As a fan who over the years has seen him in most all his incarnations, I agree that no Neil experience is quite like when he and the Horse are on stage.

It's pure. It's raw. It's Neil. And likewise this show didn't disappoint. It was billed as past, present, and future and there was a good mix, but it really didn't matter what time period any song was from, the elemental Neil was there.

This concert was a fitting bookend for me personally. I saw my first live Neil show in the summer of 1983. The same summer I turned 21. The same summer I followed Neil and caught him 3 times that one drunken summer before college graduation. I still have the ticket from the JMU show on September 30, 1983. $13.00 for general admission. Now I'm 50 years old and Neil is 67 and Horse is still rockin and I'm still on the floor yelling for him to turn old black up even louder. He played Powderfinger. He played Cortez. The world stopped, just for a moment.
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That's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing. I haven't seen him since October in Mt. View at the Bridge School Benefit. That must have been awesome to Neil with the Horse in '83! I think it was 2010 that my wife and I saw him w/ Buffalo Springfield. That was cool. But nothing compares to the Horse.

I read a review yesterday that said Walk Like a Giant was off the wall, different venue...same Neil. : ) The guy also said that at one point they blew garbage around the stage and he really really liked it. : )

Here.... he says it here. : )

Yeah, the garbage blowing across the stage was kind of a transition element I guess you could say. Neil was on one of his wonderfully long distortion rifs and the garbage starts blowing, and I was sure Like a Hurricane was on the horizon because there was just this swirling storm of sound, but then he cut to the samples from Woodstock and the chants of "no rain" and then it got quiet and he played Needle and the Damage Done which led to a small acoustic set.

Thanks for the review link!