Sijay’s New Songs With Modern Neo-soul And R&b Music Flare Off Of New Album Detroit Club

To celebrate his latest new album “Detroit Club” and the upcoming holidays, his label is giving away the full length lead single, titled “Detroit Club”, when you sign up for Sijay’s newsletter. To get your free download, go to and hear for yourself!

Combining his musical background with the urban lifestyle of Chicago, singer-songwriter Sijay has paved the way for his desire to make music outside the typical guidelines. He has allowed himself to perfectly merge musical genres to create music that is in a league of its own.

In addition to producing all of his own music as well as music for other artists, he writes all the lyrics, melodies and even scores the horn parts! He has been said to be a mixture between Brian Wilson and Todd Rundgren.

You can’t really associate Sijay with one genre. He incorporates Neo-Soul and R&B, with a Blues and Jazz influence. His lyrics compliment the groovy yet edgy sound he achieves. Transitioning form his last record, which was electronic/dance, Sijay has established his musical talent.

Check out the Pulse Magazine full page feature article for more intimate info on Sijay here:

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Jan 9, 2013