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The Sexiest Thing In The World

I think it is incredibly sexy when a guy is shy and funny,you know the guy,the one who says the crazy **** that gets you rolling ,rarely the right thing but always funny as hell.A guy that is sort of nervous talking to you...I love it I cant get enough.
MrsMurder MrsMurder 26-30 5 Responses Aug 6, 2010

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that is me through and through

You have described the way I was before I married. But back then, women very very seldom expressed any interest in me. I am not very materialistic; that offended the women who wanted a nice house in the suburbs. Republican women think I am a pinko. Obama girls think I am reactionary. Prudish women think I am a sex fiend. Women who are sexual free spirits could tell right away I was a virgin. And so 19 years elapsed between the graduating from high school and losing my virginity. Most of my contemporaries who married in their 20s got divorced, however. I've stayed married. I was very much the nerd, and still am in fair part.<br />
<br />
Nerds have trouble attracting the opposite sex. So when you land a nerd, he will tend to remain loyal for life. He is very afraid of having to date and remarry. Nerds are the opposite of the stupid macho belief that a man can get all the casual sex he wants if he only exudes "confidence." You cannot imagine the number of times I have overheard women talk among themselves and heap deep scorn on the sort of man who thinks he is God's Gift to Womankind.

Where have you been hiding all my life? Wish I could find someone with your attitude and disposition.

I agree. Those type of guys are so attractive.

What about the kinda dude that plays guitar and sings and is outgoing and enjoys software and also games? You failed to mention such a person. And is also cree indian. Profiles tell more.