Nerds Are the Best

This is a great chance to say how I feel about nerds. In my experiences with nerds, I have found that they know how to treat a girl. Maybe because they think they can't afford to be choosy or something.  But, they are usually warm and sensitive and caring. They hold doors open for you. They enjoy sharing their experiences with you at the end of the day. They pamper you with flowers. They are a turn on in bed, because they envelop themselves in the moment. And their intelligence is HOT. I love it. Nerds are just plain sexy.
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"Maybe because they think they can't afford to be choosy or something."<br />
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You're onto something here, but it's not exactly right.<br />
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You see, the tall musclebound jocks who like to talk about football got born with girlfriends, so they take women for granted. <br />
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If you're a nerd, geek, dork, BPD case, or something equally socially akward as a male, chances are youve spend alot of time looking inside and watching people interact.<br />
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We cherish you because we had to work for you. We had to show you something worthwhile inside, we weren't popular, you didn't come flocking to us. In the process we had to discover alot about ourselves and alot about you, and thus, we see value that you can't see when things just come easy.<br />
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By the way, there are girls that like nerds? Can you point me to a few in the Knoxville area?

Nerds do make the best boyfriends. Everything you said was totally on point, girl!

I love nerds. intelligence is stimulating. yet,if they're gonna be with me.. it's gonna be a good time and great sex.

It's also because they can hold a conversation that elevates above the level of sports, sex, and drinking. As a guy, I'd have to say that nerdy girls are sexy too, because they're less predictable, much deeper, and often more of a challenge to get to open up than the standard girl you meet at the bars on the weekend.