How a Coffee Snob Was Won Over to the Darker Side...

i might have had instant coffee at the anglican church when i was young (sanka?) or at an oil-change place (though it was usually bad drip or perc)...then i think i took a jar of taster's choice on the Appalachian Trail...i can't remember exactly...i figured that anything tasted good when you were out in the wilderness...

...then, it happened. a colleague at school from south africa had mentioned her favorite coffee was nescafe taster's choice...we had problems with coffee makers and getting the right pot that would not be too weak for me (or too strong for anyone else)...i relented and said, sure, i'm game...i secretly rolled my eyes...the next day she brought the regular (RED) container. i put my usual dollop of whole milk and ... instantly, i was back on those northern georgia mountains, early in the mornng...instant pristine imprint! was i bamboozled? i don't care, i have largely left behind all my snob-tech tools: melitta cone, french press, auto-drip, ibrik...(my wife though has to have her that stays!).

at this point and many months later, i have to say i look forward to my morning coffee more each day. the cup is great. the prep is easy! and i've since discovered the other taster's choice blends: gourmet roast (stronger supposedly, but not to me) and my favorite, the colombian. add to that, i've found the non-TC nestle coffee beverage, Mountain Blend in the area (very mellow with malt added...nice to blend with the TC colombian) as well as the hispanic-market's Nescafe Clasico (much more of a burnt/roasted taste...again, blends well with nestle's cocoa!).

i have yet to find out if the tall jar in my local Acme of Nescafe Classic has the same contents as the squat-jarred Clasico. looking at them, the Clasico appears more powdered...and maybe less dark? i know that Nescafe's all of the world come in MANY variations that reflect the culture they are marketed in...UK has 'original'...other countries have 'red cup'...add to that:

Blend 37, Gold, Noir, Partner's Blend (fair trade! why don't we have that here?), etc etc.

here's a link to a view of most available world-wide:

and a nice blog that seems to have gone to sleep (though recently...): which is a true I LOVE NESCAFE effort and sentiment!

i'll admit, i gave my dad a jar of the Colombian...i tried...i think he prefers his ole drip Chock Full of Nuts...and that's fine. i got my jar back!

baphomette baphomette
Feb 9, 2009