Recommend me something ****** up to watch. Anything dark, creepy, gorey, or whatever. I will ******* love you forever.
Doesn't have to be on netflix either >.<
I need to feed my sick and twisted side
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The Skin I Live In. You'll love it. You'll have to put on the English subtitles though. Also, Under The Skin. That one is really disturbing! I don't know if either are on Netflix or not.

V.H.S. Is one of the worst films I know of.. Check it out.

try Lost Girl

A Serbian Film . Have you seen it ? Also Old Boy.

Watch teeth! I think it's on netflix

I Spit On Your Grave.


lol, you are very interesting ;)

Rubber this movie will leave you so confused you don't know what you just watched

A telekinetic phyco rubber tire


This movie confused the hell outta me.

Yes it is

Some persons gonna be mindfucked in momentarily

Very true

Yeah haha

Bycycles are next :o


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Don't we all! Have you seen Last House on the Left?

How about Antichrist? That almost sickened me and that doesn't happen often.

Dang, those were my two best suggestions. How about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies?

I haven't read the book. There is probably more in there than the movie. I think you have out disturbed me. Kudos!

American horror story is ****** up... But you've probably seen majority of the '****** up' film and series..

I haven't seen any of the gory films on Netflix... Can you recommend me any? Like the really good ones?

Thanks :)