I was introduced to New Age (Esoteric) literature by my mom since I was much younger, but I wasn't really reading it - mom shared the knowledge with me. That was enough.

The older I became, the more I started paying attention to the literature itself, along with my mom's experiences. I noticed philosophers of the East but also writers in US after I moved here (like Lee Carroll or Neale Donald Walsch). I noticed that India had many fascinating writers that had such depth in them!

Anyway, I'm trying to seek out worthy literature on my own now. I've discovered Kornfield, de Ruiz, Yogananda, Chopra and many others. I'm never the same person again, which I'm very happy about because every time I read something like that my heart opens more and more.

Things that happen in my life are interpreted in a different way and much more knowledge is accumulated over a long period of time. I have a slight idea now how to deal with situations, with myself, with people, with everything. I have a slight idea why things happen. Of course I have no idea where it's all going, but I know that I'll find out eventually. The most impotant thing I know is that my life is entirely in my own hands. Feel free to disagree, it's your choice. My choice hasn't let me down yet, quite the contrary - I've seen and keep seeing proofs of this notion.

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have found the Neo-Tech System very interesting and informative, fundamentals such as self accountability and responsibility.

Teacher is Irina Tweedie her experiences with her Sufi teacher are amazing I read them when I was in my twenties and an reading the a gain after twenty years<br />
Its Called daughter of fire and you can hear her wonderful voice on golden Sufi site.<br />
Another interesting person is ug but I wouldn’t recommend him just yet<br />
<br />
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It's a wonderful journey of learning that unfolds throughout our lives and empowers us more and more. I am so happy for you that you have found this.

try conference of the birds. its an old sufi poem. its quite long, but it is worth the read. also you may want to try the hidden words, from baha'u'llah. peace be upon you my friend

Osho, I've heard of him. Haven't read though. Should try. Thanks for reminding!

Books by Osho Rajneesh are also very good