Never Ending Notes.....

I love new notebooks, the clean fresh and crisp pages.  But the problem is I seem to have several at once on the go!  I have a work notebook, a notebook that I keep by my PC just for random lists and notes, a study notebook, a journal (that I don't actually write in very often), a general household notebook for writing shopping lists never ends.  I think I might be obsessed with notebooks actually!!  Oh dear!!  I have been this way for many years though.  I think I need to stop buying the A4 size though  because I use up the smaller ones quicker - which means I get to buy more lol!

Lola1976 Lola1976
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Yes, I have also many notebooks. I love shopping.. notebooks! I just walk around in a shop and then notice that this lovely notebook is just waiting for me.. and I can't help this - I need to buy this! <br />
And after buying I start thinking - oh, wait.. I already have two.. no, three, four, five notebooks in my pockets.. but still, can't it be my shoplist-notebook? or dreams-notebook? Whatever, Im sure it will find some usage.<br />
But in the reality they often stay quite empty, and that's sad, because.. aren't they sooo beautiful?!

lol! maybe?! i have no idea why i have so many or for so many different things. but i think it's a pretty harmless way to pass the time?! and yes the new-ness is definetly something i think......;-)

omg!fer some eason i luv new notebooks too!<br />
i dont knw why....because its just