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I first visited NYC 11 years ago. I stayed in the Warwick Hotel. The bar tender was called SY or CY. He was an expert in baseball, I knew nothing about it. The world series was on and he talked me through it. Still I knew nothing. What I loved about NYC was the mundane things. Yeh, sure Empire state, St Pats and all that are magnificent, but what I really, really loved was the fabric of the city and its people. I got a yellow cab form JFK and when it drove into the city there was the steam coming from the street vents, just like TV. The street vendors selling hotdogs. I was in a cafe the next day. There was a queque, sorry a line. This incredibly striking woman walked thru' the door by passed the line and picked up her lunch, she then stopped at the door, I opened it for her. Wow it was just that fantastic assertiveness that I associated with downtown Manhattan.

In the bar of the Warwick I sat and read a book for an hour or so. The most beautiful woman ever sat ten feet away from me. We were both sitting there in silence for what seemed like an age. I asked for a drink and she heard my accent and struck up a conversation. This just would not have happened in London, Belfast Dublin. we talked, we had dinner together and we walked the city the following day. Nothing else happened, I was too awestruck and I think she regarded me as a sort of a puppy, to be tickled under the chin now and again. But it leaves me another vivid memory of the city.

I have visited  four times since 98. I stayed in the Hudson and last year in the Waldorf. What can I say....

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hi there.. New York is a wonderful city and i live here and i am very proud of it... thanks for the comment. Love NYC ^_^