I Owe A Lot To Nicci Greene

I owe a lot to Nicci Greene. It was only after reading her books about her life that I was able to reflect on my past. Reading how honestly she told her story and all the tragic events in her life made me unlock memories I had hidden away. Of course the erotic nature of her tales turned me on but I also felt her pain and having lost my father also at a young age I was able to identify with her and then I began to think about the events which shaped my life. Then I happened to be searching Nicci on the Internet and I came across EP so I decided to write my own stories about my past. It helped a lot. Thank you Nicci, your words, your books, your courage has inspired me.
FoxyLeilah FoxyLeilah
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

nicci greene is so thrilling. i 'm glad you got to read her books at least one.