The "Unanswerable" Question..

I have a tendancy to think a lot, possibly too much. I am curious about the "unanswerable" questions...Sometimes though, a supposed "unanswerable" question can be thought about too much, it seems, and can in fact be answered rather simply.

I have a friend who studies Philosophy and this was what the question was on the exam paper: "Is This Question Really A Question?" I didn't find out until she recieved her grade back what her answer actually was. She'd put simply (at the start of the first lined page of about 10 that's intended for an essay-style answer) "Is this answer really an answer?" Her initial grade that she recieved was a "U" (ungraded.) She appealed and then was awarded an A*.

If you think about it, it's quite funny really- the majority will have produced a lengthy answer going on for many pages...but IF that question wasn't a question, then it's pointless answering it... (Yeah that's my kinda lame attempt at expaining that..but you get what I mean..)

I find it extremely suprising that the exam board didn't think a bit more about how this question could be interpreted...And this happening got me thinking as to how, even for supposed "Unanswerable questions," often there's a really simple answer and sometimes we can over think things too much- not just in an exam scenario, but throughout our lives in general. Things can be more straight- forward and simple than they first appear to be.

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Very interesting post, I can see where your coming from ;-)