The Results Of Being A True Friend From “meththanisansa Sutta”

A person who doesn’t conspire against his friends, who treats them with love and respect, who keeps their trust and help them, would be rewarded with the following:

*Wherever he goes, he would be treated amply with food, drinks and other provisions; therefore, lot of people would depend on him for their living.

*Wherever he goes, he would be honored with offerings.

*Thieves wouldn’t come near him; wouldn’t be dishonored by kings; would be free of enemies.

*He never comes home in anger; would behave cheerfully in a gathering; would be a hero to his relatives.

*He lavishly treats others, and would be treated in return.

*He respects others, and would be respected in return.

*He would be commended and honored.

*He would gain livestock, yield a good harvest, have a wealth of children.

*Nothing would happen to him even if he falls from a tree or a rock; or, to a river.

*Enemies would never be able to destroy such a person, who would be akin to a well grown banyan tree which could never be fell from a gale.
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May 7, 2012