Popular Feelings

I couldnt help but notice as i was updating my "status" here on EP, that there was a list of "popular feelings" it is my understanding that these popular feelings are those which are chosen and expressed most often as of recently. Given the many members on this social network i was taken back at the majority of the "popular feelings" which were, and i quote,

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The Difference Between Your Mood and Status
Popular Feelings

Feeling Angry
Feeling Bad
Feeling Depressed
Feeling Happy
Feeling Sad
Complete List of Feelings

(copied and pasted)

What is going on here? I'm not even going to bother asking why the negative outweighs the positive 5/1. In my studies i have a pretty good understanding of why this is such a recurring phenomenon. Im not going to go into detail here.. But if you happen to come upon this and would like to talk, please dont hesitate to PM me.

Yours truly
Raynefall Raynefall
22-25, F
May 7, 2012