You Can't See It When It's Right In Front Of You

This is my first time so please bear with me. I just needed someone or something to talk to. I may be young, but I had a rough childhood and so I had to learn and grow up kind of fast. But growing up there was one thing in the world that meant the most to me and that was love... yea love. Corny I know. Obviously we need to date a few people in our life time to figure out what we want in a relationship and in a lover, some more than others apparently if they can't take the hint. but I'm a guy that has been around the block a few times and picks up a little more knowledge along the way. now i may have my standards but they aren't outrageously high. I'll admit, I do prefer either a blonde or dark brunette (italian) with long thick hair, with slim and slender body that is soft to the touch. The kind of girl that loves to be held, and cuddle and loves to sleep with her head on my chest at night, and isn't afraid to make herself as vulnerable as I am to her when the relationship gets deep enough. I may not be the hottest guy out there, but what i may lack in looks i make it up in personality. but i am athletic and work out everyday so i'm no slob either. But i'm the kind of guy that loves from the heart truely and honestly that just wishes that i could find the same in a girl. I may not be perfect and i do have my flaws but i'm always willing to work things out, and not afraid to go through some hard times with a girl so that things can be better in the future. but love these days doesn't seem to have the same meaning as it used to these days. i always hear girls talk about how they want to find a guy like me, or similar, but yet they go after douchebags and alike and end up wonder why in the end. i guess the can't see that i'm right in front of their face, and sadly enough i got ballsy enough to say that i'm the guy they are looking for right in their face, but still somehow the always end up making the same mistake i see all the others make. and believe me i've pulled in some pretty good girls too, but some how or another the just end up throwing me away in the end either because they are too scared, or hung up on some ex it seems these days even though i've treated them better then they ever would in their lifetime. and honestly it's not like i don't give them their space and their time with friends either, so i know it's not me making them feel this way. but honestly i'm just tired of this bullshit, i'm tired of letting my heart out of it's cage only to get ripped up and trampled on again, and again. sometimes i just want to give up, and that sometimes it feels like there is no way out. but i lose myself in music and right my own lyrics and play my guitar. i'm just tired of feeling a lone in this world, i'm tired of going to sleep alone wondering if i'll ever find the girl of my dreams. i know you're out there, but will you ever find me??
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18-21, M
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lol its all good, its the only pic i have since i got a new lab top and havent bothered to put up new pics

You talk about finding the girl of your dreams. Your display picture says it all mate. No offense or pun intended here.