My Life In His Words

Nicholas Sparks was introduced to me when my mom fell in love with the movie Message in a Bottle. The next time was the movie the Notebook. I never read a Nicholas Sparks book until Christmas 2011. We were on our way to Washington state to celebrate with my brother and sister and their significant others. the bookstore had only three or four selections of Nicholas Sparks books. I chose The Lucky One.

I got through half of the book before the plane was half way across Montana. The book's character, Logan Thighbolt reminded me so much of my boyfriend James. He was quiet and attentive, loving and has such a great saddness for all of the soldiers he left behind and lost through his four years in the Army. I instantly fell in love with Nicholas Sparks readings

Since then, I have read almost all of Nicholas Spark's books and can't help but feel some kind of connection to one of the characters in his books. I think that's why they're so great. Each one of them has such depth and feeling. They're not just words on a page. Sometimes it feels like these characters are living, breathing people, even if it's just in my head. His books bring promise to my life that there is love out there, love big enough to span oceans and create miracles. Love of family, and pets. Love of being someplace so special, or love of a special night that is a reminder of a time that is was so great that they can't be forgotten, even if it's hard to remember.

I think that Nicholas Spark's characters and ideas touch us so much because they are so life like. They make us believe that Love exists somewhere out there for all of us. It is everywhere around us, no matter who is loving us, or who we are trying to love. It will come when we need it and when we're ready. Even if we don't think we are. (it also helps that the characters had a master mind in love writing their stories too).
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I totally agree with you about what you wrote