No 'experience'

I don't have a Nickelback experience to share, since I have yet to see them or anything, just felt like sharing what I'd LIKE to happen. They'll be coming near me this October, and I want to go more than anything in the world. A: they are my favorite band B: I've never seen them live C: they've said they won't be touring again until they have a new album out D: they are coming on the 10 year anniversary of the day my mom died, and I would love to be able to focus on seeing them (or really anything else) rather than to think about that day over and over in my head (since that's what usually happens on that day every year) But seeing as how I'm broke, and have no way to get that kind of EXTRA money by then, looks like I won't get to see them . . . . :(

That's all...just thought I'd share.
leighshinoda leighshinoda
22-25, F
Aug 2, 2010