Stir Emotions

I love this band and of course I love many of their songs, but the ones I'm going to name are the ones that stir emotions inside of me. This is how I feel, how I want to feel, just songs that project my feelings and wishes.  So if you get the chance to listen the these songs, just listen to the words and feel it. Maybe it's corny but it is what it is, atleast to me anyway!

1. Gotta be Somebody

2. I'd Come for You

3. Never Gonna Be Alone

4. Far Away

5. If Everyone Cared

6. Into the Night


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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I love nickleback.<br />
<br />
Have you heard the song "never again." Watch the video on utube. You'll like it. Very powerful song that hits home to me. Have a nice day.

I just listened to I'd Come for You for the first time. I immediately text my best friend and dedicated that to her as her song of the day...THANK was my heart in words.

I am a singer, and music is a big part of my life. Nickelback is an awesome group, I love them as well. I absorb lyrics, I dont just listen to them. I also love daughtry, both of his albums, and Lifehouse, these groups of talented individuals capture the feelings we all experience in melodic music and deep lyrics. When I sing, I sing with my soul, I feel the music, and It is honestly a spirtual part of who I am. It is intimate and it is the core part of who I am, and how I feel. So glad to see so many music lovers who appreciates what music can do to their hearts and their souls. Rock on Ladies!!

i love nickleback for the same reasons.<br />
i read your stuff..i like the way you word things..the same questions run through my mind..<br />
you'll never find what you are looking for whilst you are looking for will find you when you have given up the quest...because, only when you have given up the quest, will you know yourself truly and be the person they are looking for.<br />
i'm still picking up the last few shattered peices of my broken life..not to stick them together..but to sweep into the's time to grow..i know that my soulmate is out there..and i know that we will find eachother..until then i'm getting on with is what we make it<br />
let me know if you fancy a chat