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I Love Her.....<3

I think Nicki Minaj is very talented and I think she is better than Beyonce. I think her songs are really talented and she is a good rapper. Even know her songs may be nasty they still have a meaning.
kaykaymarie kaykaymarie 13-15, F 3 Responses Nov 4, 2011

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I think her song means something to me. Starships were meant to fly...means that don't let anyone get you down. The haters hate because they want to drag you down with're a starship, you were meant to fly.

TawniNichelle does have a point. I've lost all interest in Beyonce's music but that's just me. Nicki is a talented rapper/singer and so is Beyonce.

I think Nicki Minaj is talented, but Beyonce's songs actually mean something. There for I believe that Beyonce is better than Nicki Minaj.