I Love Her.....<3

I think Nicki Minaj is very talented and I think she is better than Beyonce. I think her songs are really talented and she is a good rapper. Even know her songs may be nasty they still have a meaning.
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3 Responses Nov 4, 2011

I think her song means something to me. Starships were meant to fly...means that don't let anyone get you down. The haters hate because they want to drag you down with them...you're a starship, you were meant to fly.

TawniNichelle does have a point. I've lost all interest in Beyonce's music but that's just me. Nicki is a talented rapper/singer and so is Beyonce.

I think Nicki Minaj is talented, but Beyonce's songs actually mean something. There for I believe that Beyonce is better than Nicki Minaj.