They're Coming To Get You Barbara ...

i remember my mom always telling me how terrified she was when she saw this in 1968. i always have been fascinated with horror movies, but had no idea the impact this movie would make on me when i seen it for the first time. although it was not the first horror film i watched, after viewing it i was impressed by the shear story telling ability of romero. what a great message he sends to us all by the end of the film. i found it to be one of the greats of all time. it also inspired countless "clones" who will only ever attempt to surpass, or pay homage to the great original.

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I saw Night of the Living Dead at a drive-in movie during the 60s. I was horrified. Sent my siblings to see it the next day.<br />
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We all slept with our LIGHTS ON for the following nights!!