I've tried both day and night time skinny dipping and both seem to work for me. Pools, lakes, oceans, who cares. Just relaxing, exciting, invigorating and sensual (depending on who your with that is...)

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*giggles* isn't it wonderful! Of course unless you picture JAWS or a gator coming up through the dark... BRUHAHAHAHA!

I've only skinny dipped once in my life-that was last summer at the ripe ole age of 49! It was an amazing experience-granted I was alone-but I turned it into one heckuva a fantasy! And you are so right-with the right person would be amazing-and I'm hoping that happens in the future for me!

Yes, I like to skinny-dip too, and walk in Nature naked as well, as long as the bugs (Six-Legged friends) don't bite... But I've never had any Significant Other with whom I could do it. Have had acquaintances within the Nudist Resort, though. Its nice; it has a great sense of freedom, and a blending with Nature.