Secret Nude Swims

I lived in a condo for many years.On several occasions,on warm summer evenings,I would walk up to the pool in the middle of the night.Wearing only a pair of loose fitting shorts,I would quietly let myself in to the pool area.Slipping into the water,I would ease thru the water as quitely as possible.When I felt comfortable that I would not be walked in on,I would slip out of my shorts,and swim around a little.Enjoying being naked in a public pool.The first few times I did this,I had a throbbing erection.But the more I did it,the fewer erections I had.
I would quickly get dressed and exit the pool area.Once back at my unit,I would shed my wet shorts,and jerk off.
Nakedoften Nakedoften
51-55, M
Aug 14, 2013