Clubhouse Pool

Well, I finally did it.  I don't mean skinny dipping, I've done that a lot: we had a lake in our yard as a kid and I went swimming naked may times in it and I have also gone a few times with my wife while camping.  What I mean is I finally went skinny dipping when it wasn't "safe."  We went to my in-laws for 2 days after Christmas and I hadn't worked out all week, so my father-in-law invited me to join him for his morning swim.  When I got up at 6:00 to go with him to the clubhouse, my mother-in-law said she might join us, but when she saw that it was only 11 degrees out and we were planning to walk the 3/4 mile to the pool house, she decided not to come.  Well, we had the whole place to ourselves, so we just did laps for a while and when I was about done, I said to him, "I've always wanted to try skinny dipping and this seems like the only chance I will have, so I'm going to take it."  With that, I tossed my suit on the side of the pool and did 2 more laps completely naked.  It was awesome.  It felt so liberating.  I put my suit back on to move to the hot tub after that.  Once I was under the bubbles, the suit came back off and I sat there enjoying the warm water nude for the next 15 minutes until the jets turned off.  I didn't bother to put my suit back on until I was ready to shower.  As I got up, my father-in-law got out of the pool to use the hot tub for a while, so I showered (in the open shower right next to the pool) in the nude also.  I spent plenty of time washing as I knew he would be in the hot tub for a while.  When I was done, I dressed and went out into the lobby to wait for him to go back to his house.

This may not count as night time skinny dipping to most, but the sun wasn't up, yet!  Anyway, it was great fun for me.

(Did I mention that they have 24 video surveylance of the pool?  I hope there is no vandalism cause I have been told that is the only time they check the tapes...)

drownedrat drownedrat
31-35, M
Dec 28, 2008