In the Beginning

When I got started, the only way I could convince friends to come with me was to do it at night. I suppose they were afraid the sunlight would show their imagined faults to the world. I had no problem swimming naked any time of day and would invite friends over often. Only when the sun went down could I convince them to shed their suits and join me in my nudity.

hadakarei hadakarei
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

You just invited the wrong set of friends. I bet your EP friends would get naked with you morning, noon, or night.

Actually I love moving naked around.But afraid of the criticism as well as the law.More than thatI am afraid of the society.What the people around will say about me.

Better to skinny dip at night than not to skinny dip at all!

When I was 14 and it was the height of Summer, and stiflingly hot, I used to sneak out and join up with some buddies and go down the river about a mile away and skinny dip. Unfortunately, we could never convince any girls to join us. We sure had some fun though.