Pretty Nighties

I own four short gowns by Vanity Fair. I much prefer the long ones, but the nylon these are made from is so silky soft I couldn't resist. I also have several sets of silky PJs, a few slips and about a dozen pairs of panties (silky full-cut briefs). My passion, though, is long silky nylon nightgowns. I currently have 13 of them, plus a lovely white bridal peignior set. As I write, I am wearing a very nice pale pink gown by Vanity Fair that I bought on Ebay.It is slightly longer than most of my other gowns, which is nice. Well, now I have changed into another Vanity Fair gown (also bought on Ebay) that is a beautiful pale blue color. It is slightly snug around my chest, but not so as to be uncomfortable. I bought it because it too has a little extra length.

I do so love my pretty, sexy nighties.
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My preference is for floor or ankle (hopefully) length satin (charmeuse preferably but polyester is acceptable) nightgowns which I sleep in every night. I don't do the panty thing under my gowns as I love the freedom of movement allowed by not having things restrained as they are all day long in the satin panties I'm wearing!! There are so many web sites and places like eBay where one can purchase these exquisite items. I truly loved buying in the stores as one could see and feel what they were buying. Sadly places like Penney's and Sears are no longer showing sexy satin lingerie and sleepwear. When I walk thru their "Intimates" departments these days it looks more like an exaggerated men's underwear dept. (except for the bras). Everything is cotton boxer or male brief style and yucky cotton short nighties. I am truly puzzled by this as they don't like us wearing (enjoying) their sexy silky lingerie and apparently they no longer want to either!<br />
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Silkgirl. I love that feeling also, sans panties, also love taking a drive to the ATM or drive up postal drop off dressed in my satin nightgown and peignoir robe with bra and forms under after dark in the evening when wife use to be out for choir or something else. It truly is a wonderful freedom feeling.

Nothing better than wandering about the house and garden wearing a full length silky nightdress with silky knickers under it, the feeling on the buttocks and balls is wonderful.