I Feel Pretty (or Not)

I have said on EP before that, while I like to wear pretty nightowns, I am extremely unconvincing as a female. I sort of envy guys like Silkydrawers, who looks very cute in his pictures. That is beyond my powers, but I'm developing a bit of a new attitude about this. It is true that I do not look cute in a nightie, but I am really beginning to enjoy looking at myself in a mirror. What I like to see is the way a nightgown looks on my body, the look of the gown itself. Also, I have started wearing a half-slip under my gown when I am lounging around, and I like to look in the mirror while I lift the skirt of my nightie to reveal the hem of the slip underneath. Very sexy.

Years ago, when I first got interested in gowns, I went for the plainer ones with little or no decoration. Now I like the more feminine nightgowns, with lace and such, as long as it is more or less understated and tasteful. The Vanity Fair gown I am wearing at the moment has a very pretty floral lace pattern at the bodice, and my slip (also VF) has very delicate lace on the hem and  on the sides of the (rather substantial) slit. My new Miss Elaine gowns have a rather elaborate floral lace embroidered bodice and lovely loose long sleeves trimmed with lace. Very feminine. And I definitely prefer pastel colors like soft pink, pale blue and aqua. I have a bright red Shadowline gown that I bought on sale years ago at Dillards, but I almost never wear it even though it feels quite nice.

So I am not pretty (in the feminine sense - I think I'm a pretty OK-looking guy), but my nighties are, and when I wear them, I feel pretty myself.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

I can completely identify with your feelings. The first time my ex put one of her nighties on me and I saw myself in the mirror, I had to laugh at myself. That was many years ago. I wouldn't dare look in the mirror today.

It is so nice to hear there is something about me that other guys are envious of. When in my male persona it is very hard for me to be taken seriously and get the respect and attention other men can get. Being so pettite at 5'3" and 118lb I find it a real strugle living in a mans world. <br />
I developed an interest in feminine clothing at a very young age and found my favorit artical of clothing was nightgowns. Like you, when wearing a lacy feminine nightie I feel pretty. What is confussing to me is I look better in delicate feminine clothing than in male clothing. A big part of my crossdressing is to escape the man's world I a required to live in. I am not gay or bi and have no interest in attracting men, therefore my interest in feminizing myself is just a private escape. A place where in my mind I can feel in harmony with my pettite body.