I Love My Wife - And I Love Her In Nightgowns And All Sensuous Sleep Wear

I built up a collection of classic nightgowns, sleep wear and lingerie for my Wife to wear to bed and out of bed. She looks enchanting and simply selecting and wearing night wear to bed is an invitation to intimacy that I find impossible to ignore. She comes to bed looking like a queen and I go to sleep dreaming of her all night long - we wake early - usually an hour or so early and we devote that time to enjoying one another. She looks magnificent in every piece and the sensuous feel of her in these creations is something I can never get enough of. She is my dream girl and it makes waking up next to her something I cherish every day. It builds love, respect, understanding - it is a good foundation for the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

I'd love it if my wife did the same as yours. Unfortunately she hates nightgowns, she finds them uncomfortable.

it is not just long gowns that comprise her wardrobe. There are teddies, chemises, short nighties - her favourite fabrics is silk - I got her a few silk pyjama tops (without pants) as I want access. There has to be something pretty, comfortable and accessible that she will wear. See if she will go on line with you and help select something to try?