Nightgown Feitsh

I don't know why but when i see a woman wearing a nightgown, i find it hot and beautiful. Maybe because it show more of a woman of them and pj just made them childish i guess. I would love to have a wife who wears nightgown to sleep in.
sok17 sok17
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Same here, its one of the reasons why I love seeing women in them.

It is an awesome feeling to have your girlfriend or wife wear her nightgown around you and you make out with her in it. I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend who wore them around me all the time. She actually wore PJs most of the time before until I complimented her and it was non-stop. She would lounge in them all day too. She let me wear mines in front of her and that was even better as it gave me a great sensation.