When Will Their Next Album Be Coming Out?

I discovered within temptation first and then Nightwish, I couldn't get enough of Nightwish for several years.  I still like them but have over listened to them and want a new album to come out.

There are quite a lot of similar bands to Nightwish and I have quite a few, Nightwish will always be my favourite!

Nightwish seems to be an acquired taste, you either like them or you don't!  I never really know what genre to put them in, Gothic rock? Symphonic metal? rock opera? 

I like new and old Nightwish, Dark Passion play is different but still great!

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I also can't wait for a new album. until the i've gotta say, for me the Wishmaster album never gets old.My personal favourite.

i think they go in the genre symphonic metal =) i think! LOL I'm glad you like the old AND new because there is a lot of people being really nasty about the new singer i know she is not as good but they will not even give her a chance!

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