Pain Free Is The Way To Be!

I was a bit skeptical trying their products, but I did my homework, and my step- mom used to sell the stuff, and my dad swears by their products, and he's a nurse so...

I started with these magnetic insoles... you know the tired sore feeling you get in your feet and legs when you stand/ walk all day? I don't know that feeling anymore. I have two herniated disks in my spine.. (ok I'm saying its not a miracle or anything, and maybe its not gunna work for everyone BUT) I WAS on some pretty heavy duty painkillers. I don't need to take them anymore. I use a lot of magnetic products from Nikken, as well as supplements and a really yummy chocolate meal shake they have, and I'm telling you: this  stuff is 10X better than they say it is, and far better quality than the magnetic products from other companies.

By the way, I started my new home business with them too, I'm just so happy with the products and what they do, I feel like sharing it with the world =D

ladybug79 ladybug79
31-35, F
Mar 3, 2010